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system errors

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Using Windows 98

On boot up, my screen displays 2 errors --
The following file is missing or corrupted:
C:\Realmode\Oakcdrom.Sys and

There is an error in your CONFIG.SYS file on line 7

What can I do to correct these errors?
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Upon boot your system is processing the config.sys file.

That line C:\REALMODE\OAKCDROM.SYS is probably referring to a generic dos cdrom driver which does not need to be loaded under windows 98.
Either the syntax of the line is wrong or there is no oakcdrom.sys in the realmode directory.
You could edit that line by putting a rem in front of it. like this:
rem c:\realmode\oakcdrom.sys .
Now on boot windows will ignore the line and should boot O.K.

Good luck,
Where do I go on the computer to type rem?
How do I get there?

Go to Start>run and type msconfig. Press enter
On the screen, choose the config.sys tab
Remove the checkmark from the box in front of the line in question to stop it from loading. Click Apply and Ok.
Thanks for all the help, but I have one more question.

Using Windows 98

On boot up, my screen displays an error message saying there is an insufficient amout of memory on the C Drive.

I looked in the my computer folder at the C drive and a graph showed that the drive was not even half full.


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