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OK, my pride normally wont let me do this but. My Mum had a PC built for her by my elder brother a few months ago. We found it had an annoying problem which was thought to be something to do with the graphics card, due to the nature of the glitch, it would eather crash out and reboot or the screen would freeze, and also due to the cards age (it was the only second hand part in the machine). Its now this weekend been replaced and the problem still persists, also with a new error, the screen stops recieving a signal and goes into sleep mode sometimes too. We tried reflashing the motherboard the other week, no joy with that, hence trying a new graphics card.... Now based on the new error im tempted to think its a problem with the AGP slot in the motherboard, or something else with the motherboard, but im not sure.

If anyone has any idea what could cause this please let me know. Its doing everyones heads in since no one can work out the problem or how to fix it.

The system is set up as follows

AMD Athalon 2.4 GHZ
ABIT GURU AN7 Motherboard with built in Nvidia sound, network and USB controller.
256 MHZ of DDR RAM
64MB DDR ATI Radeon 9200 SE atlantis graphics card
60GB Maxtor HDD
NEC Dual Layer DVD re-writer
Windows XP Pro Edition with SP2

Anyone have a similar set up and have similar issues? Or anyone know of any problems caused by any of these components?
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