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Suspicious Website

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While going through some Google search results, one of the results I clicked on opened the page in the attached screencap. The full URL of the page is:

(Note: spaces added to https portion of URLs to prevent this site from making them active links)

h t t p s ://

All of the Update/Install links and X in the one box all link to:

h t t p s ://

This makes me think it is a malicious website, but neither Firefox's built-in security features or the TrendMicro Small Business Security software blocks the site or gives any warnings. Am I being paranoid or is this a bad site getting in under the security radar?


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It looks like adware to me. I definitely wouldn't click on anything to update from there.
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Thank you for the confirmation, Cookiegal. Do you think it is worth trying to report the site to Mozilla or Adobe?
I can't be sure it's malicious but like you I don't trust it. There are other sites prefaced with "softupdate." but different domains and they are adware.

What site was the Google search supposed to go to?
I was trying to figure out a trivia question from a local radio program and I gave Google some phrases from the question. If a result summary for a page looked promising, I right-clicked on it to open in a new tab. I did this about eight times and then started looking at the tabs. That was when I saw the Flash update page. The page definitely did not contain any of the phrases. I suspect I was redirected from some landing page that had the phrases.
That's probably what happened. It wouldn't hurt to run AdwCleaner just to be sure all is OK although I'm sure it is if you didn't click on anything else.
I just ran AdwCleaner. It found four PUP.Optional.Legacy items. The first was the Tech Guy's SysInfo.exe file in my downloads. There were two Honey extensions for Firefox that I had installed. I kept all of those out of quarantine. I did quarantine an AdvertiementsImages folder inside my roaming folder.
Tech Guy's SysInfo.exe file
This is common and is definitely a false positive.
I'd also run MalwareBytes free for good measure.
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