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Summer TSG New Addition!!!!!

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Well...I've been sitting on the news...

But it's time to announce the newest TG Member...

My Little woman and I are expecting a new TSG arrival in Late August or early September!

Hopefully we can teach him/her about the TSG ways!!!!

A child that is brought up to *BASH* Mulder is a blessig from above!!!!!

Long Live the new TSG Children!
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Congradulations! A mini SexyTech . Im sure the mini Tech will be learning from the best at least to "BASH" Mulder...

Long Live the new TSG Children!​
Dear Ben: Congratulations to you and Nichole! What a blessing! :) Hope it's a little Ben. :) Now you can start posting her pregnancy pix every momth and we can enjoy the pregnancy with you! :) Take care. Marlene (angel) I'm so happy for you two! :)
Congrats on the new addition ST. I think we need to come up with a name.
I vote for Steve, although she may not like it when she grows up.
ST .....
Congradulations on the new baby !! :) Children are wonderful blessing.....I wish you and your significant other all the best !

Congratulations to you both, Septembers the best month !!! ;)

congrats buddy.................are we all gonna vote for the little guy/girls name on here:p
they way that some of the techs come up with their handles makes you wonder sometimes:rolleyes:

but i knda lean towards moby`s idea:D

sensible..........and usable for him/her;)

all the best ST
That's great news ST, my better half (she's called Marlene too angel ;)) and I are hoping that soon we will be able to make a similar announcement

Many felicitations to you both :)

PB (feeling very clucky!)
You know how I feel and I wish you and your loved one only the best. Babies are the sweetest things so enjoy all the experiences. Bet your kids are excited to have someone to pick on later. LOL
Congrats ST.

Hmm, SexyTech had a SexyTot!
PartyBoy: Well good luck and have fun trying! But if Marlene gets pregnant....put in an order for a PartyGirl! :) Kind of a play on Gibble's last post! :) Take care. angel :)
Congrats ST. From one of the ones that had a new addition to our ranks almost 2 years ago (31 Jan 01) I wish you all the best!
Congrats ST!!! A brand new ST. So exciting. Make sure you keep us up to date. Hope you have a digital camera. This has been quite an amazing few weeks for you!!!
The name discussion should be interesting. Steve's not bad but if it's a girl... let's see, Mary Victoria Shea Debe Tech. A little short. We'll have to work on that I guess.
Congrats ST. Give my best to your significant other. She'll need all she can get!!!!!!!!:eek: ;) :D
All i can do is sit back and grin :) knowing what you have in store for you....LOL

Congrats to the both of you, kids are the greatest thing ever...even though they drive you nuts and make you loose all of your hair.
let's see, Mary Victoria Shea Debe Tech. A little short. We'll have to work on that I guess.
Wow, top billing - how do I rate? LOL MVSDT sounds like something you sprinkle on meat. :eek: :D
I can almost picture the little bugger!! ..:D


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you peeps are way off base on the names, i mean this is SexyTech we're yappin 'bout. for a girl - MoBo, and a boy a think RAM fits quite nicely:D, just remember Crishtophe is out, don't want him scarred for life;)

i can see it now; early September: "no honey those contractions can't be that close together, i'm not done getting my monster mug of hewees most excellent coffee yet"

only the best to you and Marlene
Congratulations Sexy!

Now I see why you want me to will be needing a babysitter. :eek: ;) :D

Anyways all the best and I hope your honey has a comfortable pregnancy with a wonderful birth! ( hint - don't let her read pregnancy books...:D )
Green: WHAT! He invited you too! :D Now I see who the babysitter is going to be! Take care. angel :)
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