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Suddenly my ethernet having connecting issue

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Suddenly my pc having ethernet connecting problem. I tried so many things but it didn't work.I also tried new cable but no changes. Is it a motherboard problem?


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Try a different port on your router.

And Ethernet cables are cheap, flimsy, easily damaged but critical network devices. I know you said you tried a different cable. I would try a third.

Do other Ethernet connected devices work okay?

If still having problems, tell us about your computer. Please run the TSG Info application then copy and paste the results back here. Also include the manufacturer and model number of your power supply as that information is not provided by the TSG Info application.
I hosed my NIC card on my PC this week running test, and comparisons.... I had to actually go into Control Panel, remove the card, scan for changes, to have the drivers to re-install. It works now. Not saying that's the problem, but just what I experienced this week.
Your 2nd picture looks like there is a link (lights are own, though both shouldn't be on at the same time like that). If you remove the cable, does the lights turn off?

If so, on the other end connect the cable to a different port (if you can) or if you have another Ethernet device (laptop, console, TV) connect to the same port on the modem/router and see if they get a response (at least showing there is a link) and if they do then the port on the computer may be defective. removing the network card in Device Manager like SayCheeze mentioned may help, but if it's physcially damaged (pins bent, etc) then the quickest resolution is to purchase a USB-Ethernet adapter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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