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I'll try and make this as succinct as possible since I'm not a tech and you are!

Everything was fine and dandy for months, until one fateful day when all of a sudden I started receiving error messages telling me that I had no server connection.

1. We run 3 PCs on a home network using a router

2. Both of the other 2 PCs are still operating properly and have all capabilities and connections.

3. I am running a bootleg version of Win 2000 Pro (remember, it's been working fine for over a year)

4. I recently installed something called SPYKILLER which is supposed to detect viruses and popups and kill those varmits dead on command.

5. I was using the dread IE through SBCYahoo (my provider) as browser, until the day my stepson, Linuxboy turned me on to Foxfire Mozilla, which he installed, and I thought was faster and better and best of all not a MS product.

6. Life was fine for 24 hours until I set my SPYKILLER on to scan all drives while I stepped out for Vietnamese food, and

7. Two hours later, I returned to the blue screen of death, and life was never the same again.

8. Upon rebooting, I received such delightful messages as:

WINHOST32.exe-application error

The instruction at 0x77f8910e referenced memory at

0x1483e6c. The memory could not be "read".

and: WINHOST32.exe-application error

The instruction at 0x77f8910e referenced memory at

0x01483abc. The memory could not be "read".

also: when I try to send/receive e-mail I get:

e-mail server could not be found. Error number 0x800ccc0d

9. Using its own tool, we tried to repair IE, which did nothing.

10. We uninstalled the SBCYahoo proprietary software and when we

11. Tried to reinstall, it would not complete it's installation.

12. Friends have suggested that maybe there is a corruption due to
my having the audacity to use Mozilla rathen than IE.

13. All I can think of now is to back up all my files and uninstall OS and
reinstall XP or sumpin' else.

14. All suggestions, inquiries, and theorem are cheerfully accepted!

Thanks in advance oh mighty computer gurus!

Your friend in frustration,


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First of all your using a bootleg version so you shouldn't get support period! second of all since I had to get that out of the way, try doing a restoration of OS rather than a full blow away first.
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