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Stubborn Flash Drive Problem in RiDATA Flash Drive

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So, I got a RiDATA 32GB flashdrive, FAT32 formatted, when suddenly, all my files went corrupt, then the flashdrive went to Read Only, RAW status. I have tried wiping clean the partition and crating a new partition out of it, but it ultimately failed as the flash drive didn't repair itself after that. This is the same problem that I had in this forum post before:

Stubborn Flash Drive Problem

I was hoping if there is a similar software that can work for this flash drive, if so, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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I must also take note that my flash drive keeps saying that its write protected, even after constantly changing the attributes of read only off.
We currently own between 48 - 60 flash drives. All different sizes and all different brands. These have been used on 8 different computers over the years. (I've never owned RiDATA nor Transcend. We own: Corsair, HP, Kingston, Lexar, Patriot, PNY, SanDisk, and Verbatim).

I've had exactly 1 drive with a problem and that was caused by me.

The fact that you've had problems with 2 different brand USB sticks in less than a month points to a problem with the computer you are using it on. Hardware: check USB ports
Software: run malware, virus, rootkit, keylogger, detectors

Here is a way to repair, RiDATA is mentioned

But I'd look at your computer. Something is causing problems with your sticks.
True, I'll be looking into the computers to see if there's a virus.

And no, the link you gave to me, it's a flash drive file recovery software. It does not repair my flash drive in any way.
Just my opinion, stick with better name brands like Corsair, HP, Kingston, Lexar, Patriot, PNY, SanDisk, and Verbatim. I have a 256mb Lexar from 2001 that still works. I have some RiDATA blank DVD-R's and about one out of five is bad, wont buy them again.
Did you use it to try to repair? It says this USB flash/pen drive repair tool

If your stick keeps changing to locked, it seems like it needs to be repaired.
Like I told you, its not a repair tool, it just deep scans my flash drive, and tells me to recover files, nothing else.
Please, is there any way to get rid of the I/O device error, for I have tried low level format, error checking (which doesn't work because... I/O Error), chip genius check and finding the format tool for it (to which it doesn't detect my flash drive to to, I/O error), and getting some third party partition software to delete and create partition (to which it doesn't do so because of the same error).

I have surface checked my flash drive, and its working fine, so I know it isn't a hardware problem, so is there a solution to this, anything would do by this point.
I kinda need the flash drive fixed for school work like, in this week. So, I'm sorry if I had to spam like this.
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