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Streeming Video to TV From Computer, No Smart Phone Available

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First, I'm almost 80. Second I'm a bit cheap. Third I have no smart phone, just a Trac-phone, with no access to a browser.
I would like to stream Video by my existing hard wired network and WI-FI using a $20, cheap Chinese knock-off dongle called iPush. It came with English and Chinese instructions (mostly Chinese). A tech guy told me that a smart phone is necessary for set-up and once set-up it will run on my net. It calls for a Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone and iPod Touch 4 or equiv. lap top computer. I have no smart phone. Then download iPush APK. Download Samsung Link. etc. etc.
None of this means much to me as I know nothing about smart phones.
The dongle is connected to the TV HDMI port and is getting power from a USB port on my HD TV. HDMI1 shows the Dongle but the NET connection is X'd out.
The dongle appears to be identical to most others with nice step-by-step display pages on the TV screen.
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If you have a friend or family member with a smart phone see if they'll help you set it up because it's a lot easier to do the setup from a smart phone. To setup from your laptop connect your laptops wi-fi card to the ipush then open your browser & type into the address bar the ip address for the ipush dongle. If you don't know what it is it should be somewhere in the provided documentation. After this follow the on screen instructions.
Unfortunately you have a REAL DUMMY here. The iPush documentation states that it is based on a Samsung Galaxy S2. Does the smart phone have to be a Galaxy S2? I can find no one who has one.
I have a working Wi-Fi and a hard wired net connected to my HD TV but typing the iPush ip address does not access the TV screen which is displaying the iPush install instructions on HDMI 2.
Any smart phone that's newer than the Samsung Galaxy S2 will work. According to what i read the computer has to be wirelessly connected to the ipush using it's wi-fi card before you can type it's ip address into your web browser. If your computer can only use a wired internet connection your better off using a smart phone to do the setup.

You could also use an android tablet to do the setup because android phones & tablets have the same operating system so the ipush should work with both.
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