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I've had a rather strange problem with my PC for some time and would like your opinion.

Processor: Intel Core I5 (CPUID 306c3h)
Motherboard: Z87X-D3H
BIOS version: F7

(Do not hesitate if you need more info on the material)

Well, a few weeks ago, my pc was having trouble resuming when I started up after hibernation.

Each time, it displayed the Windows loading logo for a few seconds before restarting. It restarted exactly 3 times before a blue screen prompted me to run a diagnostic or try to boot normally.

Each time, I used the option to start normally and it worked, It reached Windows without problem, but without having the restoration of my previous sessions. (No big deal)

Also, once under Windows, the computer is very stable. No restart, I can play games, launch video conversion software, without a problem.

At that moment, I was thinking of an issue with my Windows installation and since I hadn't formatted my pc for easily 5 years, I prepared myself for a format.

Before, I wanted to make a clone of my current hard disk on another disk in order to have a copy before formatting it. (Just in case)

So I bought a new SSD hard drive, I connected it to the PC and then I tested with different tools to clone my current SSD to my new SSD. (After which I would have used my current SSD as a base to reinstall Windows)

Between 2 tests, I noticed that my pc was stuck in an infinite loop where it boots up for 1 second, then shuts down, then boots up for 1 second, then shuts down several times. Sometimes 10 times, sometimes 20 times, sometimes endless.

At this time, the few times it makes it to Windows, it was very stable. No problem. On the other hand, it was not so viable to wait several minutes for it to work.

So, I tought it was the new SSD fault which I immediately disconnected. Same problem, launches for 1 second, then restarts.

I did the same thing with all my peripherals, hard disk, ram, graphic card, always the same booting problem.

By digging a little more, I found a technique to recover the Backup of the Bios with DUALBIOS*

Miracle, it worked! I got out of the restart loop. I then reconnect my main SDD, the pc starts without problem and is very stable.

Overjoyed, I start reconnecting all my devices one at a time until everything is connected again.

Again, everything was very stable. I did several manual reboots, hibernates, etc. Always booting right.

The next morning, return of the problem where the pc starts for 1 second, we hear an almost mechanical click, then restarts again and so on.

The only thing that saves me is the Backup recovery via DUALBIOS*

At this point, it's usually stable for the day or as long as the PC stays on, but the boot loop problem always returns eventually so I need to do the bios recovery once again.

Now, I've read in a few places that updating the BIOS would be a good idea, while in other places it says that flashing the bios of an unstable motherboard is a recipe for disaster.

At this point, what do you recommend?

Sorry for this novel, I tried to synthesize as much as possible.

Thank you and good day.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I was mistaken. Everywhere I talked about Dualboot I meant DUALBIOS.

To my understanding, this is a technology to "repair" by copying a clean bios located directly on another chip on the motherboard.

Does it make more sens like that?

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Do you know if there is a better subforum where I should post my problem in order to get more chance to be answer?

I mean, it's a quite complicated problem and I'm in "Windows 10" subforum.

Is there a simple way to just transfer my thread into the "hardware" subforum for instance?
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