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strange email

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I have just received a strange email and wonder if it could be a hoax or if there is a chance I have been infected by some kind of virus. It was a FWD message from someone I used to be email friends with a long time ago. It had an attachment which I DIDN'T open. The message said they were sorry but as I was in their address book I should read the attachement and delete the file it tells me to. I have heard of these things before and that people end up deleting files that are crucial for windows to work. I have done a virus scan using my AVG and really just want some reassurance that opening the email and not the attachment has not done any harm to my computer. Hope someone can help.
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Just opening the email shouldn't have done any damage, if you have your Anti virus and security updates all current.

Provided you didn't open the attachment you should be ok.

Never delete anything on the advice of an email 99.999% are hoaxes

If the email was aplain text email it cannot cause any harm.

If it was an HTML email with pictures etc, it is possible to embed a virus in it, but not commonly and AVG would take care of it, so YES you should be OK
Thank you, just me panicking a bit . and yes my AVG is upto date and email was plain text. thanks again for putting my mind at rest.
Hi rainbow2uk

If you are in any doubt you can always double check you AVG with an on-line scan at :-


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