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Strange clicking from CPU cooler when changing GPU PVM

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Hello all :) I'm new to the forum... My question is exactly as the topic states... I'm using a CoolerMaster Seidon 120V AIO liquid cooler for my i7-870 CPU. It admittedly does click every once in a while... Especially when reducing the voltage from the fan controller to the water pump. However something rather absurd occurs as it seems totally unrelated.... I have an nVidia GTX550 Ti GPU which's PVM I vary depending on how much graphics power I need, seeing as it gets very hot where I live (Hence liquid cooling) The strange thing is that when reducing from P0 (970MHz/2100MHz/1.075V) to P8 or P12 (405MHz/324MHz/0.95V & 50MHz/135MHz/0.95V respectively) the loud clicking from the water pump (I repeat it seems totally unrelated) becomes louder and much faster. If the GPU where demanding more power I'd assume it could be that the pump isn't getting enough wattage... However what I'm doing is reducing it... So what could be the cause? Thank you in advance.
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Nope, it isn't part of the loop.
Your pump should not be on a controller. It should be getting a steady 12V.

If it's plugged into fan headers on the motherboard, disable fan control in the BIOS...

...or plug the pump directly into a MOLEX connector.
The pump is on it's own MOLEX, I was just stating that it's a similar sound to that scenario. Sorry for not specifying earlier.... The issue persists, I'm suspecting it may be the PSU not handling changes on the 12V rail too well, so by reducing the power taken in by the GPU, the pump may be affected... Is this likely?
The pump is on it's own MOLEX,
Especially when reducing the voltage from the fan controller to the water pump.
That's confusing...

Anyways, I suspect what's actually going on is that you can hear more clearly the water pump when the GPU fan throttles down to a quieter state.

Have you tried clearing any air bubbles that may potentially be in the block?
Sorry for the late reply... What I meant to say was that I used to have it plugged into the controller a while ago, hence how I knew the sound.. But it's been on Molex for quite some time.... It's a closed loop system, I forgot to mention that, so no air bubbles that I know of... As for the GPU fan, it really doesn't go down that much... Speaking of pump sounds, what I do hear usually is a very high pitched buzz, which becomes louder depending on your position from the tower... You can't really hear it unless you look for it, but once you are aware of it it's quite annoying, to the point I usually get headaches after long PC use if I have no music on. This is the reason I tried with a fan controller a while back, as this noise did fade when running the pump at lower RPMs... (But it made loud clicking sounds instead.. Like when changing the GPU's voltage... Why I put it back on Molex.)
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