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Straight forward approch to subnetting...

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I've read through most all of the post in this part of the forum. It's been a big help in what direction I need to go in.

I have two Windows 2003 Servers one has two users in our CPA firm and the other is a Windows 2003 server which is used as a programming development server. We need to make both of these networks completely separate from one another and only share the internet connection.

We have two routers one is a both are linksys one is wireless. I need a straight forward approach to this task. The less complicated the better. We also use VOIP telephone systems and my boss also wants to purchase a netgear 24 port gigabit switch.

Thanks in advance...
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Thank you both for your replies. I will try the first approach and let you know how it goes.

Thanks agian!
Question....I wan't each subnet using DHCP. How would I accomplish this with only one router?

Phones and CPA server on one subnet-DHCP
Development Server- on it's own subnet -DHCP

Thanks in advance
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