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StoreMI broke my pc...

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I already saw another post suggesting that when AMD's StoreMI causes your computer to crash and end up in a boot repair loop, to reset the computer and uninstall everything, I was just hoping there might be a less drastic measure. I have multiple hard drives with over 2 TB of combined programs installed, and the advanced options shows an option to continue to windows 10, I'd just really like to not spend multiple days unable to use my computer while I reinstall everything, and the original thread isn't allowing additional posts for me to ask there.
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Try this on cmd prompt
How to uninstall driver from recovery environment on Windows 10 - Pureinfotech
It is a recovery cmd prompt so you must check the letter allocated to your windows drive if that is where StoreMi is installed
To try and help further you will find that the drivers are oemxxx.inf
where x stands for a number
but you will also find that the original name will likely be rc xxx.inf
AND perhaps rccfg.inf
but the get drivers cmd should also identify them as amd
I am not sure if it will ID them as StoreMi

BEFORE you start disconnect all drives except the boot drive/windows drive
and of course hopefully you have a system image
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