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Stolen Samsung Phone

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I recently got my phone stolen. It wasn't connected to the internet and location was off. I am not sure whether the phone has already been resetted or just ran out of battery. Find my phone feature on Samsung was enabled though. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the device?
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To retrieve your phone will be kind of hard to find. You may want to try checking any pawn shops in your area if any. Did you had your phone locked with a password and did you have an email account on it. Maybe you can try logging into your gmail account or whatever account you had and check to see if they took any pictures with your phone or to recover your pictures or documents.
Here is a link from Samsung about what to do if you lost your phone:

I assume you logged into to track it?

One thing you can do it to lock the phone so it cannot be users. I would think the Track Location would give you the last known ping until it was turned off (whether if it lost power or intentionally turned off)

I think your cell provider would be able to track the IMEI to see if it got changed to a different account, though I am not sure how good cell phone companies are when it's about stolen devices. I would suggest contacting them if you haven't and see what things they can do.
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