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I recently had to remove this spyware from a computer running Win ME, and had seen the removal process posted on this site.
I was able to get rid of it easily by running a search on the hard drive for files named stc*.*, which yeilded 3 results (stc.exe, stcloader.exe, and a folder named stc). I then simply deleted all 3 at once. after restarting i ran the search again with no results.

after this however i was getting a not responding message when i tried to shut down, after doing some research i discovered that a file named winservn.exe was responsible, so i opened Task Manager and ended the winservn task, deleted the winservn.exe file (i believe it was in the C:\windows\system folder), and have not had any problems yet.

If any of you have tried this and had problems please let me know, but it seems like an easier solution.
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download Hijack this , unzip it , do a scan , save the log and paste it here please
the solution i used seemed to work (i am not at the computer to do anything to it now), mostly just curious if other people had tried this and had any problems from it.
I haven't had any popups since, so I think it worked.
I was unable to find the winsrvn.exe in the startup folder (if you mean Start > Run > MSconfig > startup tab), but i did find the stc.exe and disabled it (i guess that could be considered important info, huh?). There were other names i saw to look for(now i cant get to the website I found them on), but stc.exe was the only one i found
OK, i guess i should've clicked the hyperlink you left me, thats the website.

Thank You, All of you, for your help
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