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status bar

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:confused: I have tried every adjustment I can think of but I am still unable to see the status bar on the monitor screen. Can anyone help me????? PLEASE:D
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You need to say what OS you are using, also is this when you are on web pages or in general...documents etc....

In Windows 98 go to the VIEW at the top of the screen, make sure the Status Bar is checked.....
Originally posted by taebird1970:
Thank you I will try this and see it I can get it to work. If not I'll be back.
Hello tae... :)

If you post SOLVED in the subject box when solutions work......It helps us and others searching for answers....:)
have you tried decreasing the monitor screen with the controls on the front of the monitor..
What monitor are you using....and can you post a screen shot of what you get on your screen...
taebird1970 said:
It is an old monitor. It is a if the monitor is to small for the screen.
ok...old yes- but what type...the name or make...can you post a screen shot of the screen..!!!
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