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start up message and really slow downloads

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Every time I start up my computer I get a message: LTMOH Please close the port and try again.
Also, I am having some difficulty connecting to my server. When I do get a connection, web pages are downloading really, really slowly. I bough and installed a new modem and also had my computer stripped and had Windows 98se reloaded. This did not solve my problem.
Any help would be very much appreciated. I have tried other sources, but no one seems to able to come up with an answer.
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Welcome to TSG aartistbird. It's certainly a modem related message, but I don't know why you are getting it.

Let's have a look at your startup configuration. Get the StartupList application from below, unzip and run it. Then copy/paste the results to a reply.
Hope this is correct.


Well there are no known bad guys in the startups, but I suspect you don't really need this for connectivity and browsing, it may have some special function.

I would go to start, run msconfig and remove the check for it under the startup tab. See if you can connect and browse normally with it disabled. If not, just run msconfig again and recheck it.

LtMoh = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\Ltmoh.exe

What kind of dialup speeds are you getting typically? Just hold the mouse over the modem icon in systray to see.

Have you tried different numbers if available?
The LTMOH problem is gone. Thank You.
Please excuse my ignorance, but where is systray?
If you mean access numbers, yes, I've tried many. I've even tried different servers.
Systray (System Tray) is that little area by the time display where you see icons for startup programs. You will see a double computer icon there, if you either double click it or just hold your mouse over it, you will see a display of your connection speed as it was established when you first dialed up. This can vary quite a bit from connection to connection. If you have a 56k modem, and don't live in the boondocks, it should be at least 38kbs. If it is less than that you should talk to your phone company and have them test the line.

By the way, with AOL I believe you have the option of either downloading through their browser or IE, have you tried both ways to see if there is a difference.

Also I just noticed that in your Running Processes, but nowhere in your startup programs themselves I see this:


Ok, I see it covered here? Do you really need to run it?

Is it still present after disabling that other startup?
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It connects at 31,800. I do live somewhat in the boonies so it always connects at that speed or lower. It was never a problem before.
I don't need to run net waiting. It's a program that came with my new modem.
My computer is gone until the beginning of next week to get the RAM changed in case I have bad RAM.
Will let you know what the result is when I get it back.
Thank you so much for all your time and help.
You're welcome; the connection speed is definitely on the slow side; ram could be a factor if you don't have enough, particularly with the newer browsers, and I imagine the AOL installation hogs even more. Most people will tell you you need at least 128 mb these days, but I've seen systems do reasonably well on half that.

It can also depend on what is on the web pages. Ones that load a lot of graphics, particularly "flash" ads, which are becoming more popular and more complex these days, will slow things down the most.
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