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SQL query ;)

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to solve a little sql problem -- I need to cross reference and dump out a list of records that don't belong. The existing query uses a left join between two tables... I need to add some more 'AND' statements in the WHERE line because the query needs to take into account other tables... hence I need to include those tables in the from line. How do I do this, when there is a left join already there?

For example:

FROM tblOne LEFT JOIN tblTwo ON [tblOne].[item1]=[tblTwo].[item2]
WHERE ((((DatePart("m",[Date])=[Enter Month])) And [tblTwo].[item2] Is Null));

How can I go about adding:

WHERE ........ AND [tblThree].[item3] Is Null AND [tblFour].[item4] Is Null));

To the end of that?

Quick responses will be much, much appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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Try looking into how to do sub-queries for your server that you're using. What you do is perform a subquery and then query the results of that to narrow down further.
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