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Spyware ?

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WIN 98/AMD 450/92 MB RAM

I just downloaded the newest version of Ad-Aware and ran a scan. There were a few spy ware files in there so I cleaned them out. I know you cannot block the Windows Systems Cookies Doubleclick.txt files using the Ad Aware package, How can I clean those files out or correct it?
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Take a look at these MS articles about cookies. They should answer all your questions:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cookies

And after getting rid of your unwanted cookies, you could download a cookie manager, which will allow you to distinguish between the cookies you want to keep, and the ones you want blocked at all times.

I use and like Cookie Pal

Good luck,
Thanks Tony, that worked great!
If you want to block doubleclick's cookies try this. Works for me.

Click tools--internet options--security tab. Click the restricted sites icon and then the sites button. Add these including the asterisk:


sharon, thanks for the link!
Kento, thanks for the advice!

you guys are awesome.
Whenever I run a complete adaware scan, it keeps finding something called software.cometcursor. Whenever I try to block them, they come back. How can I fix this?
Hi jlehmo7

Go to Start/run, and type Msconfig, followed by 'OK'.

Uncheck Comet Cursor on the startup tab, click OK, close Msconfig and reboot.
Now go to Software Add/remove and remove Comet Cursor there.

Good luck,

doesn't that also show up in the add/remove list
- and should be removed from there
- that should nullify the start-up entry as well

it's been a while since i was cursed with cometcursor, forget what i did to get rid of it

Yes and no.

It's always a good idea to end task on a program before you remove it.
One way to do that, is to stop it from loading when windows starts.

If you try to remove a program that's still running you risk not uninstalling it completely, or worse.
In the case of WEbhancer and Newdotnet, for example, it could ensue in the loss of your internet connectivity.

Incidentally, this is also the thing to do before removing things like ZoneAlarm and McAfee.
Saves you a lot of headaches...

oui, d'accord!

agree completely
was referring more to ensuring those little bugs are right out of the computer, not just blocked at start up
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