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Why do you allow spyware on this site when a lot of us are telling posters how to get rid of spyware?
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Do you mean a "cookie" or actual spyware ?
I have Spy-bot and when I log on it always asks me if I want to allow "Avenue A", which is spyware to download.
You could try and "Opt Out" of "Avenue A".
There are 3 of them. "Avenue A, Inc. (#1), "Avenue A, Inc. (#2) and "Avenue A, Inc. (#3)".
Open Spybot and click on the "Online" button and the "Opt Out" and you see all the tracking cookies that let you "Opt Out".

Note: they will still show up when you run Spybot.
You can change the settings in Spybot to turn off the warnings.


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Thanks for all your help.

I will set Spybot to block silently...

Still wonder why TSG has spyware...
Probably wouldn't if everyone donated...I don't get the alerts, nor see the adds...The site doesn't run on good intentions, someones gotta shell out some $$$$...Rhett
I donated, maybe there should be more focus on making donations a priority.

Most folks probably do not know what it takes to make the site what it is and perhaps some of the TGS posters, who answer
a lot of the many questions, could end their posts with a plea
for a donation. I will start it in mine.

Just a thought...
There skyman I hope my note asking for help help's out in my Signature. :)
might try this :

It blocks pop-ups and most ads, it cost 20 bucks or so, but you can use it free for 21 days, I think if you try it you'll buy it :)...Rhett
Rhett, the problem with blocking ads is that it prevents the Internet from being able to continue with otherwise free sites (like this one). Imagine if just 25% of our viewers blocked ads -- It's hard enough to pay the bills as it is.
Hi Mike, it doesn't block all ads, just the ones with spyware, at least it didn't here, I still saw the ads before I donated :).

But it does work well, I can go to my Yahoo home page and see no pop-ups..which speeds my dial-up immensely !!

I just signed out and yup, all the ads are there :), so the program isn't blocking them :)...Rhett
Originally posted by skyman:
I donated, maybe there should be more focus on making donations a priority.
If you donated, then Mike can switch you over to the no-ads version of the site!;):D

Everyone please give Mike money to help out this great site.

Just think we have 80,856 Members and if each gave Mike just One Dollar a year how much it would help.

If each gave more it would help out even more and we could all have a very fast ad free site.

Thanks but not looking for any perks...

I donated because this site has saved my *** many times and have made me a better computer user.

I hope others will see the need to donate to help keep this site running without a few individuals having to bear the burden.

maybe we can start a trend...


Maybe we will start and trend..

Would be nice skyman if others did see my sig. and help out. :)

I know I give to turn the ads off and also give Mike more for his needs here.
Need more like you...
Thanks guys. :)
Your welcome Mike :)

Hey I need to link it now to :D
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