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SpyBot Search and Destroy updates 2003

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Yup! :)

Some stuff detected only very recently has been included already, like this new Winservn.exe Purity Scan variant:

And the Wotch Mini-Player:

Patrick's doing a terrific job!
Can we download an update, or do I need to DL the whole new prog?

Just launch SpyBot, click "Online" > Search for updates, check all of them and hit 'download'.

If you haven't updated for a while, you'll also see a Program update among the available downloads. You need that as well.

It will install fully automatically upon downloading.

I just installed the new spybot, it scans ok, but it hangs as well when trying to update or show host file!
Any ideas?
Can you update it all all? Try a different server: Go to Online, click "Search for Updates, and choose a different one.

As for the Hosts file, it's large, so it can certainly take a while to display or to import
Durring some functions the GUI appears to freeze and in essence it does. But this is because priority is given to the 'working' processes. I believe that if you are patient, you will find this to be normal for SSD and that everything is as it should be. BTW This is much more noticeable when resources are low. In my tests with 9x, this actually saves wasted resources. In the NT kernal siblings it doesn't seem to be much noticeable. HTH

EDIT: Also in 9x, the TM may even show SSD 'not responding'. Unless the sit remains for a great length of time, I would just ignore it. Unless you have a serious resource prob, it should pass.
thanx guys
I reinstalled it and apparently the uni mirror is offline so i used kolla with no probs.

Except I've got no skins!! (i don't mean rizla!)
Beta updates for today:
++ VX2/f (MSView)
++ NewtonKnows
++ MySearch,
+ VX2/d,
+ FlySwat,
+ C2.lop (15),
+ ClickTillUWin,
+ Gator
++ BandObjects,
++ GermanPornHijack,
++ SiberianNights,
++ SearchEx,
+ BabeNet,
+ Xupiter
++ KeyLog-TweakPan,
+ Winvestigator
++ ComLoad
++ DialerActiveX,
++ Adult_Chat
+ NewtonKnows LSP hijack,
+ CLSID database
Usage tracks:
++ DivX Player

++ MasterConnector ++ SCData
++ Showbar ++ JimmySurf + SaveNow + BDE + Gator + INetSpeak + IEPlugin + SearchEx
++ Various ++ SexArena
++ Virtual Bouncer
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Thank you :)
You're welcome!:)

:D :D :D

Thx ! Jeannie as usual ! :)



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