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Spybot question

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I tried looking for an answer to this on spybots web site but it didnt really cover this.

What do I do with all the stuff that is not preselected, it is showing some things that I have no longer installed on my computer ( Atleast I thought I they were gone) And others I dont know about
Windows Registry: nmplace.hlp (Missing helpfile)
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033\

Windows Registry: C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\S32LUIS1.DLL (Missing shared DLL)

Windows Registry: vmo.exe (Wrong app path)
C:\Program Files\Cosmopolitan\Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 3\exe\vmo.exe

This is just a couple of them there are quite a few. do I check mark them hit backup and hope for the best???

As you can probably tell I am the fix it person in my house even though I rarely know what I am doing! Thanks Chari And please use simple terms.
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hi.........everything spybot auto checks in RED let it does your comp far more harm than good.
everything else is usually stuff like harmless cookies and not really spy/ can delete thaem if you wish no problem,or you can let them build up......i personally delete everything maybe once a week.

dont forget to update regularly(twice weekly)
hope this helps.
take care;)
It's almost impossible to offer advice on registry inconsistencies, as we can't tell from here whether these registry values are pointing to software that isn't there any more, or simply to the wrong location.

All these really need to be dealt with separately.

Example: take "Windows Registry: vmo.exe (Wrong app path)
C:\Program Files\Cosmopolitan\Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 3\exe\vmo.exe"

If you don't have Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 3 installed any more, just tell SpyBot to delete that registry entry.

If you do still have it, do a search for vmo.exe, and if it's located elsewhere than in C:\Program Files\Cosmopolitan\Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 3\exe, adapt the Registry path accordingly.

When in doubt, or simply fed up, the third alternative is to rightclick that entry and tell SpyBot to "exclude it from further searches".

Hope this helps.
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$teve, I did delete the stuff marked in red ( always do) But what I am talking about is, it is coming up with a bunch of windows registry stuff, wrong app paths, missing shared dll's do I let SB take care of it or do I have a bigger problem here? Thanks for your response! Chari
tony answered your question better than i could;)
Thanks guys, Tony and I posted at the same time on that last one! You have been most helpful as always! Chari
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