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Last week I AVG found a viurs in the sporder.dll file, and moved it to the vault. I looked online (and wrote here in SECURTY) about it, and read that after the sporder.dll file had been removed (it was no longer in WNDOWS>SYSTEMS) the computer would no longer go online.

I've looked all over SECURITY and used SEARCH and can't find the thread about this. I think it has moved on to something else now anyway. I have Windows 98 SE and maybe it's something else.

Mine was going online okay after, but in my web travels, I found several places with downloads that (supposedly) fixed this problem or replaced the sporder.dll I dl'd them in case I had a problem going back online.

I didn't use them, didn't need to.

Since yesterday (about a week has gone by since the file was taken out) when I click on I.E. (my homepage) the box that dials and connects to the internet doesn't come up. The page opens (offline) and says "cannot display". I can go to MY COMPUTER and click on internet, get my internet connection, click on this and connect. I now have a shortcut on the desktop from this.

Otherwise, it's like when WORK OFFLINE is checked (my mind isn't)

I decided to restore the sporder.dll which I had downloaded (last week) on my desktop. The file has little gears/icon like the other dll files. First I dragged it directly into WINDOWS> SYSTEMS but it didn't change. They I went to the file checked and restored it that way. Still didn't.

I tried restoring it from a CD I have with WIN 98 SE files on it, but it said it couldn't be found on it.

The name on it was spOrder.dll so I renamed it with all small letters and it didn't do anything more.

I'm not sure this even relates because after AVG moved the infected file to the vault (and there was no sporder.dll) the connect box would come up like always.

Anyone know what I can do to get the box to come up again?

It might be something really simple like a setting. Up till now, when this has happened I've looked and the "work offline" has been checked. I uncheck that and it works again.


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