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Spell checking in Word 97

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I have been told the spellchecker won't work in XP with Word 97, but isn't there a workaround?
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I can edit the registry, but I don't have a "proofing tools" folder under "shared tools"!
How sure are you that this will work?
To Jack 1000--
I don't use any version of OE or Office 2000, so now do I still have a chance?

I've never edited the registry, but I backed it up and it seems pretty straightforward...
I have been searching Microsoft's site for a few days to no avail. I have a brand new Fujitsu laptop. I don't have Office 97 installed. I have Word 97 and Excel 97 stand alone installed.

My copy of Word 97 has the spell checking area grayed out. I saw somewhere on the internet that it doesn't work without that "fix". I'm just not crazy about going into the registry if it's a guess.
Are we talking about backing up "Regedt32.exe"? If so, why does it have a date of 8/4/2004 when I installed a new program today?
Thanks. I'm new to XP and had no idea how to do that!
I went into Regedit and made the changes (it was easy), but it still doesn't work.
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