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i just dled speedfan and i dont get how you increase rpm of fan. my cpu fan is around 2200 and my chassis fan is around 2500.i want to increase them to 4000 rpm or even 5000 rpm.i dont care how loud it is.
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get a volcano 12 processor fan it comes with a switch and you can push it up to 6000rpm... makes my processor run at 20c very cool... but if you have it that high it is extreamly loud like a jet lol ... but it is an awsome heatsink and fan...55$ canadian and well worth the coin
really ... i didnt know that it was only for amd... how do you tell that?
The faster the fan the better it cools plus the volcano uses total copper heatsink ... i used the defult heatsink and i was up around 50c now i put vocano on and i get 20c so it makes a huge diff expecially if you are oc your unit
ah thanks... it is too bad that you cant use the volcano fan on an intel processor because it is a really nice heatsink and fan
it is nessassary only if you are overclocking if you are keeping stock then it is not that big of a deal ... just check the temp of your processor and stuff and if it is cool enough then dont worry about it
well i have to say i am not full of &**(&*^ because it does run at that temp in bios... if i am doing anything on here it goes up to about 30-39 if it is a game so dont tell me it is not because it is...just because you live in a house at 300c dont mean i do
not really if i am doing nothing on here at all and i am in bios it is at 20c if i am in windows playing ut it goes up to 30-39 so no i am not full of &(*&
I think i would know what my computer is running at concidering i am sitting here looking at the temp... would you like me to paste a screen shot in your email to show you
why are you bashing canadians now... kinda silly to be talking about fans and now you are making fun of the country i am in ... i dont think that is very appropriate
Well just to let you know i do not live in an igloo i live in a nice house ok, infact toronto is WAY colder then bc ever gets. But besides that i am in my windows right now and using pcprobe from asus and here is my info:

CPU Temperature 37 C/ 98 F OK
MB Temperature 26 C/ 78 F OK
CPU Fan 3970 OK

now if i crank my fan upto 6000rpm it will go down to about 30-33... if i go into the bios it will drop to 20c (around that)
i agree it is totally uncalled for... i apoligise to everyone who had to read this rambling convo... it had nothing to do with the fourm...
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