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Spanned External Drives

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Hello All:

I have 4 4tb WD My Book drives I would like to create a SPANNED drive. I am trying to convert them into DYNAMIC drives but get the error message:

"This operation is not supported by the object"

Does anyone know a work around for this or a way to create the SPANNED drive?

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I would not suggest creating a spanned drive. In the event that 1 drive fails, your data becomes corrupted.

I suggest putting these drives into a RAID array instead.
Thanks for the quick response....this would be for a backup and I understand the issue if a drive there still a way to do this?
As long as you are aware of the potential consequences. :)


This is not something I've had to do, so needless to say no personal experience doing this.

But, here is an article I found that appears it may be of some use to you:
Thanks...I read that and I also have read that Windows will not allow you to SPAN USB EXTERNAL drives...I was hoping for a work around...
Given some quick research, I see others asking if it is possible with USB drives but no concrete answers.

Given the error message you're getting I'd say it's not possible on your current operating system, or it isn't possible with these USB drives.

See the discussion here which ultimately ended with the conclusion that Windows does not support this feature as it is risky to do with USB drives.


If you're willing to re-visit the idea of a RAID array, RAID 0 would essentially perform the same function (and also run the same risks regarding data corruption upon drive failure).

Though again, I've never configured USB drives into a RAID array before. RAID software may or may not support this (though I know some backup software does).
I just read the last sentence on your reply....

Do you know of a backup program that would backup from one drive to another once that first drive is filled?
ScottFL386 said:
Do you know of a backup program that would backup from one drive to another once that first drive is filled?
I'm not sure what you mean here, can you clarify?
A backup program that will create a backup job, use the 1st external drive until it is filled and then roll over to the next drive and so on....
I'm not aware of any that do that, no.


It may be helpful to take a step back and explain what it is you're trying to do, and why you are trying to do it.

At this point all I know is that you are concerned about:
  • Backing up a large amount of data.
  • Keeping that data backed up for as long as possible.
Normally that means purchasing a large NAS and pushing backups to it.


While I'm thinking of it -- another option for you may be to create multiple backup jobs that cover different files and then push the backup to different drives.
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I have 2 WD EX4 (12tb's per unit) and I am trying to backup to the 4 external (4tb's per unit)....I have so much data, that I have filled up the 3 drives I have. I just got the 4th external drive today and was looking to create 1 simple volume of the 4 external so I can backup everything in one shot without having to break it down into different multiple jobs.

I had it broken down already and the external drives were filled. I was trying to find a simple solution to continue the backups I had but on the new drive, but there was nothing I could find. That was why I was going the route of SPANNING so I could create 1 massive drive and get everything backed up in one shot.
What do you currently use to backup your data?

Do you use any sort of compression before performing the backups?
I was using Microsoft Synctoy which was working well for me, but I was not sure if there was another program that could do it across multiple drives....Synctoy was setup to backup on the different drives, but I did that manually
ScottFL386 said:
I have 2 WD EX4 (12tb's per unit) and I am trying to backup to the 4 external (4tb's per unit)
If you are referring to this, it is intended to be the backup of the data -- not that you backup it.

Backing up from that to multiple USB drives defeats the whole purpose of the EX4 (other than if you're in a work environment that calls for offsite backups).


You're dealing with business/corporate level amounts of data -- more than what I deal with in my work environment.

I'm not sure of your current setup, but the overall idea is that you want to push the data from your workstation(s), server(s) to the EX4.

You may need to setup a small, home server to handle processing and storing this data if it is used regularly.
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