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ok a bit of advice.

now I have a spam program, which work great, but its a real pain having to sort through, wots real and wots not so a few questions

1> when somone sends me a mail, does the spammer know I've got it ? - as long as I dont reply, in other words is there some kinda of mechanism, where as if the spammer does not get a failed message he knows its a worker ?

2> can I simulate a "failed mailer deamon" reply, so the spammer thinks the address he's reached is dead ?
i.e can I send a reply, back to the spammer, like "invalid address" etc, or will the fact he's had a reply proove this is a worker


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If you have MailWasher then you can just bounce the spam back to the sender. They will think that your address is not there.

They will know you faked it.
Never reply to any spam.

With MailWasher you can bounce and delete the spam from your email server so you never need to download it.
:D Yep Joe it is a great program. :D
I know you do Joe. :D
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