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ok a bit of advice.

now I have a spam program, which work great, but its a real pain having to sort through, wots real and wots not so a few questions

1> when somone sends me a mail, does the spammer know I've got it ? - as long as I dont reply, in other words is there some kinda of mechanism, where as if the spammer does not get a failed message he knows its a worker ?

2> can I simulate a "failed mailer deamon" reply, so the spammer thinks the address he's reached is dead ?
i.e can I send a reply, back to the spammer, like "invalid address" etc, or will the fact he's had a reply proove this is a worker


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HI sorry for delay, working for a change ;)

I'm using SpamBuster.

Its a great program and have no problems with it.

Just recently a rash of mail, which is virus/worms and porn.

I never reply to spam.
but wanted to bounce it back with a fake reply.

But from what you say, it looks like you cant' do that

so "IF" they dont get a failed reply, does this not mean they know they have reached a working address ? Which is the same as replying back to them manually ????

I think I tried mailwasher ages ago, but was'nt too impressed, I have a freeware version, will try it again.

ideas ?


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re: beth
"If spammers are using false, hidden, layered or otherwise untraceable email addresses then how do they make money if someone responds?"

I wondered that as well !
Rockn, cheers for the info.

I'm clear now of whats wot

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