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A few weeks ago, the "Windows Update" screen came up, and when I clicked the button to see which updates I could benefit from, a sound driver update came up, so I downloaded and installed it with out a problem. The next day, however, I booted up to find my system is completely soundless. I have been busy, so only now have I had the chance to try and fix it. How do I recover my previous sound driver? Please help! I'm going crazy with my room being so quiet!! :mad:

If this will help, the sound controller listed under the device manager is called "CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device"

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hello and welcome to TSG!

I have the exact sound card. I ran into the exact same problem.

Solution #1: DO NOT use Windows update drivers! They are notoriously buggy! They crashed my system and I had to reinstall the original ones. If you want drivers, get them from the manufacturer.

Solution #2: Try this site. You didn't state what version of Windows you have. That is important.
And here is the actual CMI site. Select the drivers of your choice:
Bienvenue, mon ami!

Enjoy your sound filled room once more! :) :up:
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