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Sound skips/slow play DVD

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This is a relatively new problem, but I do not believe that anything has been installed to cause it, that I'm aware of.

Now, when I play DVD's on my computer, the sound skips, or is jumpy, although I think it's because of the playback, not the sound. It seems like it want's to play the DVD to fast. This does not happen when I play movies that have been burned onto a CD-R disk. And it's not movie specific, movies that used to play fine are now having problems.

Could it be that the drive needs to be physically cleaned? I've never had this problem before, but it seems to have occured after I burned a lot of disks.

It's a Window's XP system, HP Computer, with a RW 16x10/DVD
Combination Drive.

Thanks for any advice

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ok, so I bought a lens cleaner today, and that hasn't made any difference at all. and i've tried cleaning the disks, but the problem exists even with brand new DVD's that have never been opened.

is it possible it has something to do with the amount of available memory, or something? (sorry, don't know much about that kind of stuff). it just seems wierd that it only happens on DVD's, not on CD-R's with burned movies or tv shows.

is there a way to run a check on the system to see if there's a glitch being caused by something? i've already tried shutting down all programs that aren't needed.

i installed dvd idle, not having the problem anymore. thanks so much. and it was only on puchased dvd's, not on burned ones.

thanks so much for the tip!
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