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Sound Problem

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Ok, so I have myself a problem that I hope you can help me with (better than shelling out money, eh?)

So the other day I was recoding something (myself playing guitar, if you must know, nothing too loud) and I notice a weird noise. I chalk it up to my crappy $5 mic and close window's default sound recorder and press play on ITunes only to find the same sound coming out of my left speaker. I was pretty bummed, thinking I had blown my speaker. I realized there was probably nothing I could do but to wait and get the speaker replaced. Later on I put my IPod headphones in to listen to something only to find the same sound coming out of my left headphone. I figured I have a problem with my sound card, so I figured I'd see if anybody can help me out so that I perhaps might not need to shell out for a new card.

Here's a link to a recording I made of the sound, if that helps any.

I have my computer and speaker specs, too (in my...profile? I don't really know how this site works)
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Your recording sounds a lot like EMI leaking through the audio ports. To take from another similar post:

it's most likely EMI leaking through the audio connectors.. not much you can do about it. You can try moving your hardware around so there's not a concentration of electrical stuff around the computer and speakers.
It may also help if you get a separate audio card but then again, it may not.
I have a similar setup and had the same problem until I disabled the onboard audio and used SoundBlaster cards and used a audio Y-splitter. I still hear the dull mumbling noise but it's not as pronounced.
But first you can try updating your sound card drivers.

Right click My Computer>Manage

In the left menu click on Device Manager

Maximize (+ button) Sound, video and game controllers

Right click all Audio associated items and click update driver. You may need to insert the driver disk for your sound card (or motherboard if your using integrated audio)

If that doesn't work, visit the website of your video card (or motherboard if using integrated audio) manufacturer. Navigate to "downloads" then "drivers" and find your product, then download the new drivers. Keep in mind you'll have to uninstall your old drivers before you can install the new ones. You can uninstall old drivers through aforementioned Device Manager.

Hope you solve your problem, and good luck!

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