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Sound Card Problem

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Hi Everybody
I am having a problem with the sound card.
When I boot up the computer I get static in the sound.(speakers)
Sometimes when I upgrade driver in Device Manger that will clear it up.,
till the next time I boot up computer.
So I installed a new sound blaster sound card,I removed the old card inserted it
in the same slot down loaded the cd driver and it said to insert 98 SE
CD to finalize installation I don't have a second edition CD
needless to the sound didn't work.
Reinstalled old card, static again, till I upgraded driver again,any suggestion
on this problem would be appreciated
650 gateway
256 RAM
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Does your computer have on-board sound? If it does, that capabilty must correctly be disabled prior to the Add-in sound card installation.

Tell the forum what's listed in Safe Mode Device Manager inside Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Any exclamation points or other indication the add-in card drivers are not being loaded?

Boot into Safe Mode by: (tap F8 five times per second during a restart; Choose option number three (3) in the Windows Startup dialog box using the arrow keys below the Delete key, and strike the Enter key; Click Ok when prompted).

Check and see if your computer has one of the following folders:



If it does, the next time that you are prompted to insert the Windows CD, click OK, browse to or type in one of those paths, then click OK again. The files that are needed should then load.

After you disable or remove the old sound device in Device Manager, do NOT reboot when prompted to. Completely shut down your computer, then install the new sound device.

I have gone through the process in the past of replacing the sound and video devices on my 6-year old HP 8160, and they can be tricky to do.

Frank's Windows 95/98 Tips
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Thanks flavalee and Styxx

It is not a on board sound card.
Is it Ok to insert the new card in the the old slot or should insert it in a new slot?

also I have cab 98 in c
Thanks again for it info

Just for the sake of it, install the card in a new slot.
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