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Sorting of Group Names in OE

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I thought I had posted this but cannot find it with a search so I will try again.(I may have previewed and forgot to post)

My problem: If I create a "group" within Outlook Express by the normal method comes out sorted by first names. The names in my main address book are sorted by last names. I added the names to the group from the main address list in order by last names. I can change the sort in the main address by the view/sort by/ function. I can’t seem to find how to resort the names in a group.
Thanks much!
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I do not think you can change the order of names in a group list.
Well, maybe you can answer this: How do the "groups" get their order to begin with? I added the addresses directly from the main address list, which was in order of last names. This is small matter but I have a large group created and people wonder why I put Al Zig before Zachary Able.
The groups get there order as you surmised . . . alphabetically by First name.

As to what others wonder, don't worry about it, or put the new group in the BCC field. Either method will solve the problem.;)
I have used the blind copy function and I like it but some of the members don't understand why only they got a copy, which of course, is wrong . Anyway, Thanks for the answer.
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