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Sony Vegas Pro 14 wont open

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My Sony Vegas Pro 14 has stopped working.It even wont open-crashes whilke uplaoding video factory plugins.
Tried to follow a few youtube tutorials, didn't help

This is the message that i get:

Problem Description
Application Name: VEGAS Pro
Application Version: Version 14.0 (Build 161) 64-bit
Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
Fault Module: C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\NewBlueFX\Essentials.ofx.bundle\Contents\Win64\Essentials.ofx
Fault Address: 0x000000000888AF94
Fault Offset: 0x000000000009AF94

Fault Process Details
Process Path: C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 14.0\vegas140.exe
Process Version: Version 14.0 (Build 161) 64-bit
Process Description: VEGAS Pro
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i have #9 version but may be if u install it again and no use cleaner software, because i have a similar problem
Hi Tom-US,
thank's for reply.i did try to install another version, and older one, but that haven't solve my issue...
If those are "add-on" plugins, try moving/removing them temporarily.

This is a legitimate retail version correct?
Hi Jim

tahnks for a suggestion. i have removed that- no change...

It a trial version.Customer service is really horrible there.

Lots of Sony software were taken over by MAXIC...and there is no even email.when you try to find a solution to this,there is no even explanation about SONY vegas, and my operating system which is WINDOWS 7...

Obviously their site hasn't been updated for a really long time...
what's the point to buy some software and its right, and then not hep the people out...teh trial finishes in 7 use :( some cutomer service
I've not used it, but typically, all features are not available in the trial version.

Having said that, based on the error above, there is an issue with: Essentials.ofx
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