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Sony Home Audio System

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Sony Home Audio system Model HCD-EC919IP/or MHC-EC919IP

Every time it is powered on, it randomly goes back and forth to each input and will not let me set it to a particular setting like FM, CD, etc...

I brought to a local tech guy and he couldn't retrieve any info on it so now I am reaching out.
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Hello there!

I found this manual. They have several suggestions in the troubleshooting mode. There is a factory reset that might be in order.

Try these and see if they help
Hi!! I would like to take the time to Thank You for your help. The manual was very helpful! I tried every troubleshooting step they
mentioned and no luck...I even did a factory reset on it and that does not work either. I certainly appreciate the time you took to
assist me! I am going to have to find another dealer near me which I have yet to find and Sony's only suggestion is Best Buy. Its like the buttons
are not responding either...Hell, I dont know! Frustrated that it was used a hand full of times and due to having to administer 24 hr care to my terminally
ill dad, It was ready out of warranty when I finally got back to some sort of normalcy. Thanks again!
Sounds like a stuck or faulty button on the unit or the remote. Have you played with all the buttons to see if they seem stuck or come unstuck?
I have not messed with remote at all but the buttons dont seem to be sticking :(
I agree with Triple 6. My suggestion.... take the battery out of your remote. Turn your receiver off. Turn it on.

Then... watch the input choices. Do they still do the same thing?

If it was mine... I would write down where all my inputs/wires connect, and then disconnect everything. Then, the receiver is sitting there like it was when it was brand new, with no potential remote issues. See if the receiver does the same thing. Then you know for a fact it's related to the receiver and nothing else.

I assume you have the factory remote; and not a replacement.
Sorry for delay as I had to find the remote and yes, its factory not replacement and THANKS to you all as you are probably correct on
buttons sticking because I can operate it with the remote! Thanks so much! At least I can use it :)
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