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Sony DVD receiver hbd-tz130 problem

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Hi There,
-----------------PROBLEM BACKGROUND-----------------------
I have Sony DVD receiver with speakers and sub woofer. Its AUX cable was touched by someone and he had a great shock. After that, the cable was not working while rest modes like USB, DVD were working and it was still running. Then, i opened it (removed the casing), cleaned the board wondering if i would find some burnt material for AUX, i removed some strips. After cleaning i put them back, and i have again checked those strip and thinking that they are quite fit and fine. NOW HERE is the problem:
-----------------PROBLEM BEING OBSERVED----------------------
When i plug it, turn it on by pressing power button, it takes almost 20 seconds to start displaying, (previously it used to take 1 or 2 seconds to start). Then it remains stuck display HELLO. It should display TV/CABLE , or CD/DVD or USB etc. but it does not move ahead.
-----------------WHAT I HAVE TRIED ALREADY--------------------
Double checked strips, power pins
Used tester to check power coming
Slapped it, hit it with Screw driver
Still don't know what should be the problem created by me after opening / closing
I don't have access to service center
I don't want to go to repair shop, because i have the meters, screw drivers, etc I am Electrical Engineer so i want to learn how to tackle it.
Any Help Would Be Appreciated. Thanks
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The damage was likely to a circuit board. The only way to troubleshoot further would be with full schematics and likely other test equipment (ie: oscilloscope ).
i have viewed the manual. only one thing that is strange for me is that when i place the voltage tester over the metallic parts of the receiver, it shows voltage (glows). When i set multi-meter to AC Volts and put on probe to the metallic part and other to the earth, it shows 80 volts. what should be the problem?
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Are you in the US? IF so Need to check your 120V outlet for proper grounding and connection. Sometime you can get induced voltage on a digital multimeter. Neutral to ground voltage should be less than 1.8 volts. Normally it is Zero but can rise on long wiring. From a Web site "Electronic loads, for example, are generally indifferent to AC polarity because their internal power supplies are simply converting AC to DC." But it can cause other problems to other connected equipment. Here is some info
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Two things:
First, i am not in US
Second, i briefly read the source you mentioned. I measured neutral to ground voltage and it is less than 1.5 Volts, so still not an issue
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