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I'm using Memorex DVD+ R media, and Memorex DVD+RW ,
and I do the burning with Nero 6 updated.
Since I have a large backlog of files,
I first use inCD\drag & drop to DVD + RW,
to make sure the all the copy-ed files ( mostly programme ) are ok,
then I copy the DVD+RW to DVD + R,
there is no problem here, but after the burn is completed,
the disk open just fine in this Rig (where the files are burned),
but it isn't recognized\ or will not open\read any DVD+R in my other 3 year older Rig, with a Sony DVD reader, it will open pronto a DVD+RW and read everything on it ,
but it will not read a DVD+R. PS: I've the same problem using Roxio 6 also updated.
What gives :confused: :mad:
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