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Some strange messages appearing

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I have had a message saying that I am low on memory and something else will pop up wanting me to accept an application "Windows Command Processor"...I am afraid that these are a virus but have run my virus scan and nothing comes up. I have also had music playing in the background when I turn on my sound, but that finally stopped, not sure what I did to fix that!
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Recommend visiting's "Virus & Other Malware Removal" forum. "Cookiegal's instructions" in there will guide you through a few preparations, as well as instruction for posting your logs in that forum.

If you are still having the same issue after being given a clean bill of health from one of our malware experts, then please return to THIS thread and we will pursue other options to help you/them solve the problem.
Thank you...I did post in that forum and even included a HiJack This log several days ago and received no replies! I will try again!
If you haven't received a reply within 48 hours, you can add a post to your thread that will simply "bump" it back up to the top where it's more likely to be noticed.

Sorry for the delay, replied to this one:

If its the same computer, I'll close this one, and we can work in the other thread. I wait till you reply before I close this one ;)


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