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Some keys on Dell 3100 Chrombook not working

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so im a school student and use a dell 3100 Chromebook and some of the keys stopped working for no reason and i am stuck using the on-screen keyboard because the keys are important the b n alt and the volume button so please help i eed it. also yes i checked the ribbon cable.
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also i think i should mention im homeschooled so please help!
Tell your parents. The keyboard needs to be replaced or repaired.
As a work around, buy or borrow a USB keyboard. Attach that to use instead of the onscreen.
I just attached a USB keyboard to my chromebook and typed in chrome's search box with no problems.
Check with your School IT so they can repair or replace the laptop.
Check with your School IT so they can repair or replace the laptop.
tried and got no help from them
Btw i found out my brother spilled a whole glass of milk on the keyboard any suggestions to clean it?
The keyboard needs to be replaced. Spilling liquids on a laptop is the most common problem. It's all in one piece, and liquids flows down towards the electronics. If you don't need to mobility, better to buy a desktop. Parts are cheaper and user replaceable.
If the school issued you the laptop it is their responsibility to either replace or repair your laptop. If you bought it then you will need to repair it at your own expense.
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