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Solved: Wireless network problems

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Please bear with me a s I am not very good at PC problems so be patient !

Before Christmas I was running my desktop through an ethernet cable to my ISP. The router I am using is a netgear DG834.
The router has a link for a wireless modem so I have purchased one - a D-Link DI 524.

I have wired it as shown - from my internet link to the netgear, from the netgear WAN link to the D-Link with a hard wired ethernet cable from the netgear to my desktop.

My desktop is working fin, I have normal internet access but my laptop will not conect to the internet.

The laptop has picked up my wireless link, it shows a 54Mbps 'normal' connection but then when I try to go to the internet it cannot connect.

I have typed in the CMD line the IPCONFIG address which returns lots of 'data' but one is the IP address on the laptop is & on the desktop it is, I have also pinged the router and received 4 returns but when I ping a web address it cannot find it.

I am desperate - my kids are about to kill me !!!!

PS - laptop works fine hardwired through the netgear router

Any ideas?

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Chris B said:
Just a little more detail in response to the first point - the Netgear router is not a wireless router but has on the box a diagram that shows the port on the back and says it is a wireless access point for a wireless router. I have purely bought the router and tried to connect it through this port so not sure if the first comment about linking them in a daisy chain is correct?
Correct the DG834 is a ADSL modem/router, ADSL Firewall router, ADSL Gateway router (no wireless), a myriad of names.
I'd leave it on the IP address you note in the preceding posting. But you need to get the wireless device off the same IP address (you cannot have two devices on the same LAN with the same IP address.) You can either manually set the wireless access porint (WAP) to something different in the same subnet (e.g. or set it to be a DHCP client to the router (the DG834) and let it get an IP address from that.
You also need to disable "DHCP server" capability in the WAP and that leaves the DG834 as the DHCP server for you network; and this is all clearly described in the Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together. - JohnWill description.
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