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Solved: Wireless network problems

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Please bear with me a s I am not very good at PC problems so be patient !

Before Christmas I was running my desktop through an ethernet cable to my ISP. The router I am using is a netgear DG834.
The router has a link for a wireless modem so I have purchased one - a D-Link DI 524.

I have wired it as shown - from my internet link to the netgear, from the netgear WAN link to the D-Link with a hard wired ethernet cable from the netgear to my desktop.

My desktop is working fin, I have normal internet access but my laptop will not conect to the internet.

The laptop has picked up my wireless link, it shows a 54Mbps 'normal' connection but then when I try to go to the internet it cannot connect.

I have typed in the CMD line the IPCONFIG address which returns lots of 'data' but one is the IP address on the laptop is & on the desktop it is, I have also pinged the router and received 4 returns but when I ping a web address it cannot find it.

I am desperate - my kids are about to kill me !!!!

PS - laptop works fine hardwired through the netgear router

Any ideas?

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Can I try to understand, I have checked the IP addresses & the DHCP addresses :

Wireless router - IP address & DHCP address to
Wired router - IP address & DHCP address to

What are you suggesting I change and to what figure?
Just a little more detail in response to the first point - the Netgear router is not a wireless router but has on the box a diagram that shows the port on the back and says it is a wireless access point for a wireless router. I have purely bought the router and tried to connect it through this port so not sure if the first comment about linking them in a daisy chain is correct?
Sorry I have been trying the advice "ditch one of the router's". I have now changed back to my old modem and linked the wirless router through this .... it works perfectly so is sorted - thnaks a lot !
Thanks guys - I wouldn't have got there without your help - I will certainly recommend to others.
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