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Solved: Windows Security Icon

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Hi to all @ TSG

I use Windows XP Pro + SP2 and have Automatic Updates turned off because I do not want SP3 installed. I also haven't yet made up my mind about upgrading to IE8 because I am thinking of using Mozilla Firefox instead.

For my firewall I use Agnitum Outpost so I am secured and also use Avira AV, but I wondered if there is any way of getting rid of the Security icon warning in my System Tray? It's a red icon with a white cross in the centre.

I have taken a screenshot but I cannot get it attached, despite making it the correct bytes. I've tried all ways without any luck!

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Turn Windows Update to "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them".

You should forget about IE8 for now. IE7 works just great.

As for SP3, why not upgrade? I have done so when it had just got out and I never had any negative issues with it.

Besides, when updates are suggested, you can tell Windows you don't want them and set it to remember it.
Oh, I see. I believe I did use this option some time ago but this was (I think) when I was still using Automatic Updates. Geeee, it's gone, THANK YOU once again, Phantom010

Oh, there it goes, alerting me that updates are ready. Actually this is better because I just untick the ones I don't want. Now why on earth didn't I think of doing this myself? I think it may be that I just didn't want it to auto download stuff I don't want.

With SP3, well, I still use the old MS Office Suite (+ updates) and have heard of some folk saying how certain programs have stopped working. I have also heard that by having SP 1 + 2, I have virtually have most updates (apart from the odd bit here and there).
My PC seems to run OK so I decided to just leave well alone.

BTW, why didn't my attachment work?

Anyway, thanks ever so much for your speedy reply!
I also have an old MS Office suite and all is well with SP3.

As for the attachment, what format did you use? Your screenshot must be saved as a JPG file in order not to exceed the maximal picture file size of 300 Mb.
Hi Morny. I'm now on board with this new thread (your link worked just fine). I included in my PM reply what I hope will help you work out the problem with posting a screenshot.

I'll be gone for the remainder of the working day and will check in this evening. It's now 10:00AM my time.

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