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Solved: Windows Media Player won't open!!

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For some reason my Windows Media player won't open at all. Whenever I click to open it all that happens is my computer makes a "ding" noise....and thats it. I also can't open any files that use Windows Media Player. If I do, the same thing happens.

What can I do to get it working again?
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How about uninstalling it then reinstalling it?
Do you have another media player trying to be the default player? (causing a conflict)
I'm not sure how to check and see if there's another player trying to be default. But still, how would that stop the program from even opening up. I mean...I can't even get the actual program to run at all!
right. well try the uninstall, then reinstall it. THEN make it your default.
Go to Tools>Options>file types. Check what you'd like it to "control".
Could be corrupt, perhaps.
As far as another progie trying to take control (be default) I'm referring to something like: RealOne or RealPlayer (what ever they are calling it these days)
OMG! Thank you soooo much!!! I went onto their main website and downloaded it again like you suggested and now it works! Thanks again!!! (Hurray! I can listen to my music again!! *phew*)
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