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Solved: windows 98 software in windows xp

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is there a way that i can run my windows 98 software disk in my Windows XP system? coz i bought a gamepad lately, it comes with a windows 98 disk. the gamepad works fine except for it can't run the disk.
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Can you perhaps be a little more specific on just what the "Windows 98 disk" is?

If it is just the WIndows 98 drivers, and the gamepad is compatable with XP, you do not need the "98 disk".

Your question could be interpreted as many thins, but more info including make and model of gamepad would also help a lot.

Windows XP has a "compatability mode" that may or may not be appropriate unless we know the above.
have you tried XP's Program Compatibility Wizard? As mentioned by Kiwi.

start, all programs, Accessories, Program Compatibility Wizard.
If you put the Windows 98 disk in the drive it will startup and give you a message that it is not a correct disk for this OS and disable certain parts of it or all of it.

I would check with the manufacturer's web site for the game you want to play for any FAQ's or information on the subject.
Thank you all of you guys! i've used "Programme Compatibility Wizard" to fix my problem & it works.
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