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machine specs: winme 4.90.3000/compaq amd duron processor/320mb ram/ 20 gig hd

I though I fixed the PC last week. The monitor was shot & because speakers were hooked to it, the sound didn't work either. There was also a green line across the top of the monitor. Hooking up another monitor seemed to make it come to life.

User was getting several BSOD messages.
Known ones were SAVRT(02) 00006064 Error OE: 0028: C02E3E88 AND OE: 0167:BFF8E64B
The only fix seemed to be manually holding in the power button until it shut down & restart it--only for a repeat of a BSOD.

I connected speakers directly to onboard sound & she got her sound back.

Recently someone put a new stick of ram in (256) this pc. I didn't give this too much attention but now wondering if this a prob.

I also thought it would be a good idea to reinstall norton (isn't savrt norton error?)

She called today and said machine was giving her the BSOD's again. She can't give me the long error code & wants me to re-investigate.

I plan on removing the new ram to see if this fixes the problem. Any other suggestions?
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