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[SOLVED] Where is my CD Rom ????

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My computer is not seeing my Cd rom. I see it as the computer boots Detects it as 2nd Ide Master. But in Win98 , it is not in the control panel. I tried clearing cmos , switch the HD and CD rom in the IDE controlers {Took the HD cable from IDE1 and put it into IDE2} The computer saw the HD in IDE1 and the CD Rom in IDE 2, but still not in windows.



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did you try to access it with your emergency boot flopy?

How do i do that ??


boot up with your floppy - if you don't have one-make one in add/remove programs

hopefully your setup program is already set to boot from floppy first

choose "start with cdrom support"

watch the screen for which drive letter your cdrom has (it'll be different than now)....usually the letter after the suppossed RAMDRIVE

put a cd in the cdrom
change the A:\ to E:\ (if E is the letter for cdrom)

E:\ dir
press enter

the cdrom should light up and you should be displayed a list of files on the cd in the cdrom
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Thanks for the reply.
I tried like you said and boot from the Win98 boot disk. When I try to accesss 'E' it says 'NOT READY READING DRIVE E'. But it does read the Ramdrive 'D'.
I do not get it !



if you are sure that the cdrom was letter "E".....

bad connection at the cdrom, or the cdrom is dead
find one to borrow?
Hi ,

Yeah , i had the same thoughts . I tried another CD ROM , same results. I even tried the CdRom from this computer and put it into another computer, it work fine . I even swap the cables between the CD rOM and the HD . The HD work fine and the CDROM still didn't show up.

I past frustraded along time ago



:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
are you sure the jumper is right?

if it's the only thing on the ribbon cable, it should be set to master

just to be clear - the cdrom used to work at one time and was letter "D"?

is there an option in the setup program within the BIOS to boot from cdrom?

if so, set it to boot to that first, then put in your Windows disk and restart....if it does, exit out of the Windows program , remove the cd, and restart

GOT IT !. There were no IDE controlers in control panel . i installed them and BANG , the computer came to life.

thanks for the help

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