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[SOLVED] Virus Attachments in Outlook Express

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I am getting so many virus attachments to my incomming e-mail that I would
like to allow e-mail from those who are in my address book only... Can
anyone tell me if there is any way to configure my outlook express 6, to do
that? thanks..... Herbie
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You can try blocking those others by clicking "message" then block sender.
The sad thing is that the viruses you are getting are more than likely from prople in your address book.

In OE, go to Tools > Message Rules > Mail and you might be able to block or create a rule that works for you.
Thanks Motherboard, but my blocked file is hundreds of addresses long already....... and that still doesn't stop dozens of viruses from getting in anyway.... and thank you too BillC for your suggestion but so far, the only rule that works for me is "delete-delete-delete-delete.....and on and on......
p.s. Those tigers over here in Louisiana sure did put a virus on those Bull dog's ....... I hope GT does well this season!!!!
Outlook, not Outlook Express, has the ability to delete all mails except ones that you specify.

I don't believe you can do this easily in OE.

Wow, did I mention not easily!! It is a handy way to do it, Deke, Good Job!!;):D:up:
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but so far nothing seems to be working....... As soon as i do find a solution to this problem i will post it here...... herbie
Do you mean you couldn't stop the virus attachments or couldn't set up to only receive emails from people in your address book?
Golly Deke, you are the candle in the darkness when it comes to OE rule setting. That was truely cool. I had thought of doind that. Must be someting in the water in Texas!
Herbie-I got to thinking that thread might be a little confusing so here is the whole thing:

Go to OE/Tools/Message Rules/Mail/New/ Tick the first item "Where the from line contains people"/ Tick an item in the #2 box(You have a choice to copy, delete, move to folder, do not download it from server or delete it form server) you might want to set up a junk folder and put them there. Now click "contains people" under box #3/click "address book"/highlight the first name and scroll down to bottom of list and hold "Shift key" and click the last name/click "From" at top right and it will copy address to "Rule Addresses"/click "ok"/click "options"/tick "Message does not contain the people below"/click "ok"/click "ok"/Then click "Specified Folder(if you chose that option earlier)/pick a folder/ click "oK"\Apply Now\Apply Now\Ok\Close\Ok.

Here is the image:

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Deke, it looks like your solution to my virus problem is working. i tried sending all e mail to a dump file, but that still allowed virus downloads.... then i stopped all e mail, except from those in my address book, at the server, but it seemed that the server was loading up with mail... then i set actions to delete all e mail from server, and that seems to be working fine...... thanks a lot, this has really been an everyday problem for a while now..... Herbie
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