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Solved: video card upgrade?

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My geforce 590 card died.
I was looking at getting the geforce 970 to replace it.
Do I need to check any specs with my system or motherboard to see if it will handle that card?
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Before you upgrade to a faster and more powerful graphics card, you should make sure your computer's power supply can handle it.

What brand name and model number and wattage is the power supply?

How many amps does it have on the 12 volt rail?

Submitting an image of its label would provide all the information that we need.


There doesn't appear to be a NVIDIA GeForce 970, so I assume you're referring to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.

Its "minimum" requirement appears to be 500 watts.

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The 970 uses a lot less pw than the older 590 so you [should] be ok however you need to post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb, exact cpu, exact pw supply, etc, etc.
found my order form
here is what I have:

asus maximus iv extreme vs extreme-z lga 1155 intel z68

power supply
corsair professional series ax 1200

memory type

cpu type
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Should be fine.
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