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Solved: Video Card Installation -> Screen Goes Black

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Sorry to ask yet another question, but I'm trying to install a GeForce FX 5200 PCI video card. I have had the same problem before, but need would like to fix it permanently. After installing the drivers (updated for my pc from, too), a restart with the card in fails. Everything works well until the Windows XP splash screen disappears, at which point the screen goes black and the power light on the monitor turns from green to amber. What am I doing wrong?
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your problem is the dell, most dells will NOT accept new video cards, espicially the older ones. This is very common, unfortunatly, call dell and see what they say.
Yes, and I tried disabling the onboard. I have had this problem before but an hour tech support call left me with a clean install. now i'm starting with a new hard drive, so there's nothing to clean...
OK, I fixed the problem. For future reference, this is what worked for the pny verto fx 5200:

1. Disable onboard graphics via Device Manager and make sure video settings are set to Auto instead of Onboard in BIOS.
2. Insert card in PCI slot and plug monitor into video card.
3. Restart into Safe Mode with Networking and uninstall any nVidia drivers.
5. Restart into Safe Mode with Networking and download nVidia drivers from (,, and driver cd drivers all failed).
6. Cancel the hardware wizard.
7. Do not run any other programs during installation of drivers.
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