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Solved: Upright

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How does a case like this handle CD/DVDs when its upright>?

My uncle wants it for his build but wants to know if...

a) How does he know his DVD drive will work in the slot provided? (fit through)
b) How does it takes CDs when its upright?

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all dvd/cd drives are a standard size, you just slot it through and screw it in ;)
and its like an xbox360 just place the cd/dvd into it then the tray when its open and there is like rounded out parts where the dvd/cd sits on then you just close it.
You might suggest to your uncle that he tips his PC over on one side and then tries loading and running a disk. Years ago I built a barebones kit with a vertically-mounted optical drive. Hated it. On top of which, the drive was mounted behind a sprung flap which increased the awkwardness. Also note that the case has only a 200 watt PSU.
OTOH the overview suggests that the case can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
Nice looking case... we don't have that in the states...
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